Somatic Support
For Space-Holders

Welcome love,
Here we understand that changing the world begins within.  
And that creating and holding healthy spaces for that work
calls for a profound commitment and some powerful choices.

This space names, supports and nurtures you with this
commitment and these choices.

You do not have to do this work alone.

How can your body help?

My name is Cat Moyle

I am a somatic guide + teacher.
Here to support the space-holders and space-makers of the world to do their work in a sustainable, aligned but expansive way.

Backing your deep commitment to a better world.
Guiding you to your deepest wisdom.
Expanding you capacity to feel and allow more.
Connecting you to your purest power.

So you can understand more, love more, be more
Without losing yourself, burning out, collapsing or quitting.

Back to the body

The path we choose to follow requires courage.
To commit again and again even when we are heartbroken.
It requires a resilience to keep hold the space 
A commitment to keep going even when others think we are being unrealistic.
And a humility to know that we can't do it alone.
And it asks us to draw on the deepest wells of our own experience.
And face all parts of ourselves.
It is key that we take care of and work with our bodies here.

Back to the body

More than the mind.

At its core, the support offered here is foundational.

Getting into your body can help you recognise your patterns
Getting into your body so you can work with your emotions
So you can begin to understand who you are and why.
And then begin to choose how you want to be here.
And get all the way behind what it is you are trying to change.

The somatic approach is the deepest teacher.

You may recognise this from yoga, meditation or breathwork classes you have attended or run yourself.

This work reawakens your wisdom, increases your capacity to handle the inevitable ups and downs of the path you have chosen and crucially, reconnects you to your power to bring your intention all the way through into action.

And it's this that really brings change.

So my work supports you:

  • To get clearer about what you came here to do
  • To trust yourself more deeply
  • To access the deep wisdom you already hold
  • To stop over-complicating everything
  • To explore and allow your emotions well
  • To stop overdoing everything and tiring yourself out
  • To access more creativity and ease
  • To stay connected - even when you feel shit about what’s going on and want to switch off
  • So you can change navigate change and hold it for others

Who I work with

The loving leaders, the unconventional, intelligent, curious, hard working & committed ones who want to make things better in the world and are starting with themselves.

People who know, deep in their hearts, that they can be 'the change they seek' and are prepared to take fierce responsibility for bringing it into the world.

I work with smart people who are seeking their own wisdom.

Who are committed to their growth

But who know the mind can’t provide all the answers.

I work with people who actively explore the big questions.

I work with people who, when they bump up against challenges in life, want to know why?

I work with people who ask a lot of themselves.

I work with people who hold the patterning of 'doing it all themselves'.

I work with people who sometimes feel unsure about asking for support.

They have had a taste of presence through breath work and yoga and are ready to open to more of that powerful state.

The Tools

I hold powerful spaces big enough for you to access and express all parts of you.

I use meditation, breathwork, therapeutic bodywork (touch), amanae, energywork, sound + somatic coaching, movement, journalling, compassion and humour to support the process of remembering the whole of who you are and living from that deeply resourced place.

I have over 20 years experience and you can read about my qualifications in the about me section.

My Mission is
To help you remember your wholeness, your worth and agency so that together we can be more present in our relationship to ourselves, to one another and to the planet we are living on.

It's peace work really, and we do it through the body.

Change Begins in the Body

Learn to tune in, listen deeply and act on what you hear.

Get started


Try this quick practice to drop out of your busy brain and instead connect to the whole body for calmness, presence and focus.

Quick practice


Book a free call with me to find out
a) if we are a good fit and
b) whether working with me one to one or in a group setting would work best for you.

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Who is Cat Moyle?

I have worked with bodies since 2001 as a hands on therapist and more recently as a somatic guide + teacher. I am passionate about helping people remember their wholeness, worth, power and agency.

Find out more about me

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What others say about working with me

"You are an amazing body worker and a beautiful spirit that allowed me to go deeper into feeling me than I had in a long long time."
The (Gentle Sunday) Be:Held session, was just that and all it implies. Gentle feels into the body, letting go of the mind and its chatter. Inviting a softness into the heart and calming the nervous system with guided walks through the woods of of our minds to the heart centre. Using chant and somatic movement to move through the tunnels of stuck emotions and pathways of disillusioned core beliefs. Being held in a sacred space with like minded souls is just heaven on Earth. To be heard, seen and given safe space to validate yourself. Its truly beautiful heart work. Safe, and loving embodiment practices and detachment from the ever exhausting thoughts and mind processes at its finest. Cat you are an angel on Earth, thank you for your work.
Jasmine J
Yoga Teacher
Since the session my mind has not been quite as racy and chaotic as usual, and I've been more aware of (and have paid more attention to) how parts of my body are experiencing, say, the act of walking, or how it feels to be sitting on a train. And not by making an effort to pay that attention, but it's just the way it's been.Being released from the tyranny of an overactive mind for at least a little while is such a relief and has felt very nurturing (Amanae Session 2021)
Carole D
Life Explorer, UK
Where has amanae been all my life?! It’s utter magic. Thanking my lucky stars it found me, and thanking YOU for opening me up to it. You are magic. It’s like having pulled a bit at a little thread and then realising your whole outfit is unravelling. (In a good way.) I’m totally baffled by the depths of what I experienced in that three hours workshop and by the reverberations I’m still feeling. I don’t quite have the words (still!) but feel like I somehow saw myself for the very first time. I feel like something seismic shifted, or was unlocked, or was re-birthed. Again, I can’t explain it but I feel like I’ve been super sensitive to loads of little realisations in the past few days - kind of like joining dots I couldn’t see before about who I am and why I’m here. Any time I’ve felt myself nudging back into old pattern or chain of thought in the past couple of days, I feel like I can recall the sense of being in that chapel - what I felt, and what I felt in everyone else. The support. And what I’m now referring to as my “unravelling”...!
Kate G
Mentor, Sound Therapist, UK
A fascinating, caring, transformative experience which can open your heart and introduce you to a new way of experiencing life (Head Strong to Heart Smart 2020)
Intuitive Bodywork Sessions (Hands On)

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Intuitive Bodywork Sessions (Hands On)

Using a range of physical (massage, therapeutic touch, acupressure, myofascial release), energetic (reiki) meditative (mindfulness, yoga nidra, taoist approaches) coaching and releasing techniques to unwind the body, to let go of tension on all levels & create space.

"Deep wisdom with a light touch"
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