Workshops for Retreats

Including embodiment / somatic work into a larger retreat can be the perfect way to introduce a deeper element that is safe and expansive for your group, as well as being supportive to you.

The style of work I provide supports participants to allow emotions to move through the body, to be accepted and integrated without spiralling into anything overly emotional.

It supports participants to shed light on, and process, what is happening for them on the retreat (and in life) safely and in a way that modalities such as yoga and meditation are not designed to.

This work allows you, the key host, to have some space within the retreat to process what is moving through you as you hold space for the group. It can give you a fresh perspective, a deeper insight into your group.

This work can also cement the connections that participants are creating and the community you are at the heart of.

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What can I  expect?

My workshops are deeply heart-centred and can be the perfect companion piece to retreats that focus on personal or soulful business development and care about complementary methodologies.

What do  I need to bring?

This work is bespoke and tailored to your retreat aims and group.

Because we go deep, it is best suited to the middle of a retreat (especially with a group who are new to each other). For groups who are already connected there is more flexibility in the scheduling.

A typical session could be 3hrs, a half or full day, but this depends on the size of the group, the venue, and other variables.

If you are holding a one day workshop, an elemental embodiment session for 1hr would be suitable.

The work is suitable for all bodies and can include movement, breathwork, sound, touch and meditative elements.

For availability and costings, please get in touch.

What my clients say about me

“For the first time in my life, I felt my heart softening and opening, and I began to feel who I really am, what the power of love is, and how to allow magic to flow through me. She has a powerful capacity to hold the most incredible space for everyone, to know that fine balance between support and intervention, to be able to hold people in the space where transformation occurs, in a way that feels so safe to find self-expression. Her gifts are transformational, and the workshops are too. I had never experienced a heart-opening workshop before, and have not experienced this since in other workshops, Cat has a truly unique gift to allow attendees to connect with self in a super-deep level, to get to know our self, to be vulnerable and find truth. If you ever get the chance to be in a workshop space with Cat, grab it with both hands. ”

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