Integrate is an online amanae circle for you to continue deepening your connection.


Connection to yourself
Connection to your remembering
Connection to your opening
Connection to how you choose to live in the world.
Connection to community - to others who are in this work*

Because connection is the healing.


Integrate is a place to be in community with others who can witness and honour you, with others who 'get it'.

Integrate is intending to draw the energy of post session support/the workshop circle out into your daily life.

Integrate is a place to weave your sacred commitment to yourself into your lived reality.

Integrate is where we work through it together.

One breath at a time.

Just as the stillness after movement, the silence after singing or the feeling in your heart after an energising day, there is something important that happens in the time after an amanae session or workshop. 

It is a time to make sense of the things you experienced, to give words to them.

It is a time to steep in the newness.

It is a time for the change to filter through your system. For the new shape of you to become fully embodied.

It is a time to begin to step into your life with what you have been shown.

And it is a time to continue plugging into the breath, support and understanding of those that have been there with you.

Integrate is a space for this.

Think of it like the extension of the sharing circle in workshops

Think of it as a place to access dedicated and ongoing support after the session.

Think of it as a place to come and take a collective breath as we hold each other in the unfolding.

Integrate is a community lead space to gather 

What I mean by community lead is that we will work with what is alive in the field for those who join. 

Much like in a session we will respond to what shows up, what is ready to be worked with, we will meet ourselves where we are at.

We will work with the themes that emerge.

I will bring relevant teachings, meditations, embodiment / somatic practices that support.

I will call in other practitioners and teachers as appropriate to support our work together.

Integrate is a space

To show up

To breathe together

To share what is happening for you

To be held, witnessed, acknowledged

To be actively supported /coached with your continued opening 

To access the energy of continued support.

To anchor the change in your system.


Sign up is £27 per month.

Hit the book now button to sign up or book on a enquiry call to find out more.

Much love

Cat x

Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion‍

- Bell Hooks

*Integrate is available to anyone who has experienced Amanae or it's related modalities.
You do not need to have had a session with me to join.

Upcoming event

CET (GMT +1)

What can I  expect?


Ritual/Ceremony to vivify our time together

A monthly online circle - lovingly held for you to show up and be with yourself and others with whatever is going on.

A monthly meditation/embodiment teaching (in addition to, but inspired by the sharing session).

-we meet on alternate Tuesdays at 2pm UK / 3pm CET / 9am EDT / 8am CDT / 7am MDT / 6am PST.

An online forum to ask questions/reflect in between gatherings.

Alignment with the cycles of nature (lunar/seasonal).

A space to connect with others on this path to begin to widen the tapestry of support.




Proposed dates:

31/10 - Opening Circle - Full Moon Vibes

14/11 - New Moon Vibes



26/12 - Break/No Session















23/07 - Begin Summer Break

What do  I need to bring?

A good internet connection

A device (preferably not a phone)

Headphones/privacy if you live with others

Room to move

Water to drink

A candle and something to light it with

Something that represents your native land/your roots/your ancestry

An icon/anchor of support - photo/crystal/pet etc, something in your space to gather with.

Pen/paper if you wish to write

Commitment to your opening.

What my clients say about me

I felt and expressed what I hadn’t given myself the space to do and you gave me space and in that something that means so much to me. I feel more able to express, to be and connect to what it means to me to be a woman. Which is the most wonderful gift.

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