"Beyond the amazing practical tools she offers a deeper connection with your inner being, a gateway to listening and loving yourself and acting from a more authentic place of wholeness"
"This work is unique in that it touches each person in a different way, it is not trying to force you into any direction but rather letting you delve deep into your own mind and soul. We don't do this enough in life. It is a well guided, safe place where you can explore yourself peacefully"

Hello love

I have opened a space to come and work with yourself and others on the path.

To remember, that the trust and steadiness and wisdom you are grafting for out there, is available to you in here *gestures to the body*.

That you are not broken, that there is nothing to fix, that you do not need to be better at this one thing, or work harder at this other thing, or be more disciplined or try more.

That you already have in you, what you need to live a deeply meaningful life.  

And it’s a space that you choose how long to be part of - so you can flex it to fit your availability and budget.

Integrate is for you if some of the following resonate: 

You are an adult with some good life experience already but now find you want to work, rest, play, connect with others and choose to live your life from a deeper place.

You operate from your head a lot even though you know that there is more to you.

You know that learning to trust (yourself, others, the universe) can be challenging.

You hide parts of yourself from those around you.

You know what it's like when you really allow yourself to be truly you (but maybe its been a while since that happened).

You want some support to let more of yourself be seen.

You are familiar with the pattern of trying really hard to make things work

You sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to deal with in life.

There is a sense that you have been running but now you want to stop and get present.

You feel like life could (should?) be a richer experience but that it got a bit bland/functional/flat somehow.

And maybe you feel a bit stuck there.

You want some support, you want to be around others who get it/you.

You are already on the path of self development and are committed in some way to living a meaningful life.

You do not already need to have worked with me to join.

And you do not need to 'tick all of these boxes' to decide.

If you feel some kind of yes, then please know that you can trust that.

You have autonomy about when you leave so it's all in your hands.

Which is exactly what we will work on in Integrate.

Integrate is a lovingly created, online space that weaves together 3 key threads.


We will work through the body with
somatic coaching
movement practices


Connection to yourself
Connection to your remembering
Connection to your opening
Connection to the world around you
Connection to your lineage
Connection to how you choose to live in the world now.
Connection to others on the same path.
Because connection is the healing.


Integrate is a place to be in community with others who can witness and honour you, with others who 'get it'.
With myself and other teachers and practitioners who are aligned to what the community needs
It is a place to access dedicated and ongoing support
To be held by the collective
To remember you are not alone.
To work through it together.

"You get to know and learn new things about you and discover your different depths. I also loved making new connections with other participants".

“I thought it would be strange to do this work online but Cat made me feel very supported. She spent time helping me create a space in my home we could 'work in' and offered really wonderful support during and after the session, looking forward to my next session.”

One breath at a time.

We will take our own time. There is no rush.

Integrate is a place to weave your sacred commitment to yourself into your lived reality.

You can choose how long to stay and if you leave, you can return again to continue once more.

Integrate is where you gather the threads

And bring the compassion needed

To hold your complexity, lovingly

So you can slowly remember

How to live from the wholeness of who you are.

Cat is so gentle and loving, she holds space in the most beautiful way for us to bare our uncomfortable things at her 'altar' to be transformed. Thank you so much for being there for us to be vulnerable together

This work can liberate you if you let it.

It will teach you to centre yourself in the storms, access the deep trust you need to take courageous steps in your life, embody the wisdom that you already have and be a beacon for others in your world.

Price / Plan

The price is £49 per month (or you can commit to the whole year at £490) and may increase in the second part of the year.

Integrate is live already and will run for at least the whole of 2024 so you can get started as soon as you want.

What next?

Complete the Join Integrate box
and you will be taken to Circle (the online space for Integrate) and asked to pay and sign up there.

You will then get access to the space, the sessions that have been delivered so far and some guidelines and direction on where to begin.

Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion‍

- Bell Hooks

See you soon.

Cat x

Thanks to Tegan Mierle on Unsplash for the group at the fire photo

Upcoming event

CET (GMT +1)

What can I  expect?


Ritual/Ceremony to vivify our time together

A monthly live practical teaching session - this will be a 90 min / 2 hour teaching + practice session

Access to the foundational Integrate teachings (recorded)

Access to all the recordings on the path

An online space (off facebook - yay!) to ask questions/reflect/be coached between the live teachings

Alignment with the cycles of nature (lunar/seasonal).

A space to connect with others on this path to begin to widen the tapestry of support.

Access to discounts /free access to other offerings from me in support of Integrate.





What do  I need to bring?

A good internet connection

A device (preferably not a phone)

Headphones/privacy if you live with others

Room to move

Water to drink

A candle and something to light it with

Something that represents your native land/your roots/your ancestry

An icon/anchor of support - photo/crystal/pet etc, something in your space to gather with.

Pen/paper if you wish to write

Commitment to your opening.

A good sense of self responsibility.

What my clients say about me

I felt and expressed what I hadn’t given myself the space to do and you gave me space and in that something that means so much to me. I feel more able to express, to be and connect to what it means to me to be a woman. Which is the most wonderful gift.

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