Guatemala 5 Day Amanae Workshop

Truth // Wholeness // Power

Step into a supportive and loving exploration of who you really are.
Connect deeply to the lost parts of yourself.
Return to your clarity and power.

Through breath, bodywork, connection and love, held on Mayan land and supported by the elements, you are invited all the way back to you, your body and your life-force.

In an increasingly disconnected/disembodied world, this Amanae 5 day workshop is the antidote.

The door to yourself is open.

A 5-DAY AMANAE WORKSHOP is a deeply transformative experience towards emotional freedom. It is extremely effective for those who wish to:

+ Unlock more energy - for the life you really want to live

+ Become more aware of your emotions - and how to work with them, not have them work you

+ Learn how to express your emotions and make room for more love

+ Learn to enjoy being in your body and the power that brings

+ Explore your boundaries and how to hold them lovingly

+ Discover how to be more authentic and honest with yourself and others

+ Blow up spiritual bypassing and learn how to hold yourself when life sucks

+ Allow yourself to bring all of who you are and have that met with love

+ Access a loving community and real human connection

+ Change your life

AMANAE is a multi-dimensional somatic therapy. The technique uses touch, breath and sound to open doorways throughout the body. These doorways are access points for the body’s deep wisdom. The process invites you to bring breath and awareness to these doorways, and as they are opened, to feel what is held there and to allow the body to express these feelings.

The Body Remembers

Our bodies carry our biography, all of the unexpressed fear, sadness, anger, shame, guilt, love and joy of this lifetime... and beyond. Through these doorways, just on the other side of the old stuck emotions we can rediscover our deepest treasures. In Amanae we believe that YOU are your own healer. With your breath and your willingness you can release what is held and allow the body’s divine expression to be realized.

The Team

In this workshop will be lead by dedicated Amanae teacher and practitioner David Elron & Amanae practitioner Cat Moyle.

David, Cat and the team facilitating this workshop will empower, support and guide you as you delve into your body to rediscover yourself within each and every one of your cells!

Such a transformative and deep journey. I am so grateful for all the gifts I received during this workshop. Thank you! <3

-Eline (Amanae 5 Day Workshop Attendee)

The Entry Requirements

This work is suitable for most people but not if you are currently experiencing psychosis or under clinical mental health observation.

It is preferable (but not essential) that you have had an amanae session before you attend.

You must choose to attend under your own volition - you partner, friend, cousin, mum might 'think you should attend' but you have to step in on of your own accord.

A call with myself or David is required to talk through the work in a little more detail (particularly if you are new to it) and to give you a chance to ask any questions you need before you commit.

Click this link to book a call with me.

The Cost

The cost of the 5 day workshop - is $1969*

You can choose what kind of lodging you would prefer

Lodging + Food from $380 - $785 for 5 nights

The deposit (which you can pay clicking the button below) is £900.

If you know this work and are ready to go deeper - Click the Book Now Button to Pay Your Deposit.

*early bird rate before 19th June - $1771 (plus lodgings)

Upcoming event

CET (GMT +1)

What can I  expect?

Mayan Fire Ceremony to Initiate the workshop

Daily Meditation

10 group sessions


Deep Bodywork

Ancestral work

Energy work

Working with your patterns

Working with intention

Sharing Circles

Freshly prepared, clean, nutritious, supportive food (vegetarian / vegan ) with allergies and intolerances catered for

On site Accommodation

Natural surroundings / support of the elements

Experienced practitioners who have lived this work for 20+ years


What do  I need to bring?

Your Willing Self

Water bottle with lid

Notebook + pen/s

Comfy clothing and shoes

Warm clothes for the night

Photos of yourself as a child (various ages)

Personal items for the altar (candles, crystals, totems, photos etc)

What my clients say about me

I felt and expressed what I hadn’t given myself the space to do and you gave me space and in that something that means so much to me. I feel more able to express, to be and connect to what it means to me to be a woman. Which is the most wonderful gift.

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£ 900 
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