Be:Held  A gentle space to rest and receive

A 2 hour slow embodied exploration of your personal relationship with rest and being guided to find ways of navigating it with more ease (because ease leads to the peace and power we seek)

Being held in a sacred space with like minded souls is just heaven on Earth. To be heard, seen and given safe space to validate yourself. Its truly beautiful heart work. Safe, and loving embodiment practices and detachment from the ever exhausting thoughts and mind processes at its finest. Cat you are an angel on Earth, thank you for your work 

- Jasmin - Be Held attendee

Resisting A Rest - January 2023

A 2 hour slow embodied exploration of your personal relationship with rest.

Be:Held is a monthly deep dive into the topics you (we all) struggle with in modern day life. The topics you talk about over and over again with friends but yearn to find better ways to navigate.

Be:Held harnesses working with your body 

  • to understand where you have come from and 
  • to access the power to shape how you move forward.

It is my monthly, accessibly priced embodiment offering - a perfect place to be held in the collective, whilst exploring your own world and being guided to find ways of navigating it with more ease (because ease leads to the peace and power we seek)

This month we will work with Rest

This one IS

⭕️ For those of us who find it hard to slow down, stop, reflect or be in anything other than forward motion.

⭕️ For the bloody tired parts of us

⭕️ For the part of us that knows we need to really rest but find the whole thing irritating or agitating or out of reach.

⭕️ For those of us that know what happens when we don’t rest but keep repeating the old pattern of go, go, go

⭕️ And are curious about why that is

⭕️ For those of us that know know it relates to something deeper

⭕️ For those of us that are ready to unpack that a bit

⭕️ For the part of us that knows there is another way to go on that isn’t so exhausting.

⭕️ For the part that knows how powerful we can be when we are being soft and gentle with ourselves.

⭕️ For the part that knows that any kind of exploration is so so so much easier together

It's on Sunday 22nd January 2023

9am - 11am UK / 10am - 12pm CET

(bookings close end of Friday, we start at 9am UK on Sunday morning)

We will touch on 

Societal context and the pagan approach to rest.

Your relationship to receiving, because it is part of it my love

Rests relationship to death.

We will explore the theme through meditation, embodiment exploration and simple simple practices.

Because if rest is already a challenge, we don't need to add more challenge right?

We will take our time to go slow and steady over the 2 hours.

Because there really is no rush

To summarise

Be:Held is a slow embodied exploration in good supportive company.

Perfectly suited to a lazy Sunday morning.

You can join from the bed, tea/coffee in hand, wrapped in blankets, cameras on or off.

🫖 Does that sound like your cup of tea?

I will see you there my love.

On Sunday 22nd January 9am - 11am UK / 10am - 12pm CET

(bookings close end of Friday, we start at 9am UK on Sunday morning)

The origin of Be:Held

During a wild winter lock down in 2020 I invited a few folks to a soft supportive, soothing, bring your own blanked online circle to create a feeling of cocooning from (whilst still acknowledging) the storm outside.

What emerged was a 2 hour gathering where I shared some self soothing techniques, we supported one another and recharged our batteries a bit.

But the real gem was what it made possible.

We found room in our systems to access softness, humour and hope again.

The remembering we are not alone, the gentleness, the softness, the slowing down, the connection re-awakened something in those who came.

We all felt it.

It was not an off-switch

It was an open door.

And that is what it continues to be.

An open door to the deeper parts of you, an invitation to be with those parts in a loving compassionate collective.

Do join us when the deeper part of you feels the call

Much love

Cat x

Upcoming event

CET (GMT +1)

Bookings close at midnight on 24th May 2022.

What can I  expect?

  • Meditation
  • Gentle embodied movement
  • A sharing circle (you can choose to observe or participate)
  • Thoughtful conversation
  • Music and musings

What do  I need to bring?

  • Somewhere comfortable to tune in
  • Privacy (or headphones)
  • Water
  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Candles if you like
  • Your amazing self
  • Nowhere else to be

What my clients say about me

“My heart feels even more open than before and I have a subtle shift in awareness of another yet deeper level of connection with all of the world around me. I would recommend this process to anyone wishing to experience deep, powerful healing, to shift deep held patterns or to connect more deeply with their inner most being. Thanks Cat for this wonderful experience.”
Philippa K
Therapist, UK

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