Amanae is a type of bodywork suitable for literally anyone* who has experienced something sad, difficult, annoying, overwhelming, challenging or frustrating in their lives…. So errr all of us right?


Bodywork for any body, that changes how you move through life

Amanae can help if you are busy minded, feel stuck or heavy, are grieving, in pain or resistance, struggling with self doubt, in search of a shift in some area of your life or if you want to explore something different to a talking therapy.

It supports you to connect deeply to your body, so you can access a more honest version of yourself.

It is deep work.

I walked out of my first ever amanae session knowing I was in a different relationship with the world.
Clearer about what was my responsibility, I stepped outside of the drama triangles I was in and into the centre of my life.

I felt relief, relaxation and a powerful sense of presence that stayed with me for months.

Click play, and watch this video, for a flavour of the work...

But how does it work?

Often we are able to fully express how we feel, but sometimes we aren’t.  The theory behind the practice is, that if we don’t or aren’t able to express that emotion, we store it up inside our bodies and eventually it may become painful (emotionally, physically or in some other way).

Amanae helps you to allow the full expression of that emotion, no matter how long it’s been hiding. It can help us allow the sound, movement and energy to keep going on its journey.

It helps us explore all the amazing things that are hanging out in our cells, tissues and bodily structures and give them space.

It can help us understand ourselves, our tensions, our actions better, more clearly

What happens in a session?

The practitioner (in this case me) would press, move or massage certain points (the doorways) whilst asking the client (in this case you) to breathe into the area, identify how it feels, be ‘present’ with that feeling, work on the edge of any sensations in that area (sometimes it can be a little painful, sensitive, uncomfortable – it’s all part of the process, it’s never ‘too much’) and let go of anything trapped in there.

The breathing really helps you connect to the area being worked on and allow yourself the space to feel.

Areas are worked several times over if need be with gentle holding in between.

The treatment involves the physical work and the breathing and also something called energy work (a bit like reiki).

At the end of the session you have time to rest.

And then what?

Many people (myself included when I have sessions) feel very calm and centred after a session, some feel like they have been meditating (which in a way they have), some feel tired but in a good way and some full of energy, more alert after a session.

I walked out of my first session knowing I was in a different relationship to the world. Clearer about what was my responsibility. I stepped outside of the drama triangles I was in and into the centre of my life. I felt relief, relaxation and a powerful sense of clarity that stayed with me for month.

Everyone who receives the work expresses how deep the sensations (physical and emotional) can be and how direct it is as a therapy.

The work has a way of bringing you into a clearer relationship with the present and with truth.

The work continues to unfold as you interract with your life.

We all need plenty of water afterwards.

How do I find out more

This work is for people who are ready to get to it.

Who recognise it is our responsibility to work on our stuff.

And you may have some questions about whether it is a fit for you.

Book a call with me if you want to talk it through first or book now if you already know this work is for you.

Cat x



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What my clients say about me

What struck me about Cat’s delivery of Amanae is that she co-creates the experience with you so clearly and effectively. In delivering her treatment Cat will constantly communicate with you, inviting you to meet her touch with focus and intent. This inherently makes you part of the process and makes the treatment more effective as a result.
Therapist, Malta

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